Apricot, almond, honey & lemon curd

 Its been a hectic couple of months. But love every minute of it. Always hard to find a good work life balance, even after fifthteen years. but as they say “chosse a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. This is a dish that i created one day for fun, its simple, tasty, fresh and gluten free. 

Poached Apricot’s

4 apricot’s

200ml water

200g caster sugar

1 tsp lemon juice

1/4 vanilla pod

1) first off you prepare the Poaching syrup. add everything into a pot except apricots.

2) bring to the boil. cut apricots in half and remove stone. add to syrup and lightly simmer for two minutes depending on how firm they are.

Lemon Almond cake

6 eggs

zest of 2 lemons

300g caster sugar

300g ground almonds

125g fine polenta

1 tsp baking powder

250ml Olive oil

1) add eggs, oil and sugar to a bowl and mix. 

2) next the lemon zest and dry ingredients. fold in to form a batter. 

3) Bake in oven at 175 degrees for 45 mins in a bread tin.


75g honey

140g glucose

400g caster sugar

50ml water

13g baking soda

1) put everthing into a pot except baking soda. this is where you will need a thermometer. bring sugar to 135 – 145 degrees ( being extra careful as this is very, very hot sugar)

2) at this stage have a tray lines with baking paper. add the baking soda this is were it will expand. so mix all the way through. while pouring into the lined tray. leave to set. but not too long, as honeycomb softens with air exposure.

Lemon curd

130g lemon juice

300g caster sugar

140g Butter unsalted

4 eggs

1) once again add everything to a pot.

2) put on a low heat, stirring all the time. do not let boil as it will over cook.

3) once thick and coating the wooden spoon or spatula. puree with stick blender and pass to a fine seive. let cool with clingfilm lightly laid on top as to stop a skin from forming.

Lemon curd ice-cream

500ml Milk

1 vanilla pod scraped

130g caster sugar

85g egg yolk

150g cream

150g lemon curd

1) this recipe needs a pacojet jet and container.

2) take milk and bring to boil.

3) Whisk egg yolks, sugar and vanilla, till pale. 

4) pour over half milk into eggs mix. and pour back into pot. cook to 84 degrees

5) add cream and curd whisk till combined. add to pacojet containers. freeze for 24 hours

To plate up add curd to a bottle. make a spiral effort. break honeycomb to pieces. cut lemon almond cake into squares. quenelle ice-cream.
Happy cooking 


“Black Forest” Valrhona Competition 2017 Entry

I wanted to share this dish with everyone.  This is one of my favourite flavour pairings. A classic that never gets old. It has always been my favourite since i was a child. This dish was my entry to the Valrhona Competition, alas it wasn’t to be. Well theres always next year. So now its yours to do what you wish. Happy cooking.


Milk chocolate mousse

500g Guanaja lactee 41%

500ml Cream

150g Egg yolk

150g Caster sugar

50ml water

1) whisk egg yolks to light and fluffy 

2) heat water and sugar to 121 degrees

3) drizzle into egg yolks. Mix till cool.

4) Heat chocolate till melted.

5) Semi whip cream.

6) Fold in egg mix to cream. Then chocolate.

7) Pipe in desired mould. Add frozen cherry mini dome. Into centre. Scrape flat.

Cherry centre

100g cherries pitted

150g caster sugar

150ml water

1 measure of Kirsch 

1) Heat sugar and water, till sugars dissolved. Add kirsch, then cherries.

2) Soft poach 1/3 cherries remove and chill. 

3) Continue to cook rest till very soft. Remove and puree and pass.

4) Freeze in mini sphere moulds for centre

5) Reserve syrup for joconde sponge.

Chocolate Joconde

48g ground almonds

48g icing sugar

38g T55 flour

14g Valrhona 100% poudre de cacoa

48g egg yolks

18g melted butter

20g egg whites

1) Mix dry ingredients together

2) Mix egg yolks till light and fluffy

3) Drizzle in cool melted butter

4) In separate bowl whisk egg white to soft peak

5) Fold dry mix into egg yolks, then egg whites.

6) Spread on mat and bake at 200 degrees for 12-14 mins

7) Cut to desired shape

Dark chocolate ganache glaze

10g Gelatine leaves

104g water

60g caster sugar

70g cream

110g glucose

110g Guanaja 70%

1) Heat water, sugar & glucose to 103 degrees

2) Pour over Guanaja 70%

3) Puree with stick blender till smooth

Chocolate crumb

100g caster sugar

75g Guanaja 70%

10ml water

1) Heat sugar and water t 130 degrees

2) Add chocolate. Mix to crumb

3) Cool on tray

Cherry ice-cream (pacojet recipe)

225g cherry puree

65g caster sugar

150g cream

3g lemon juice

1) Whisk sugar and lemon juice.

2) Add cherry puree then cream.

3) Chill for at least 24 hours.

4) Churn in pacojet

Cherry gel

125g caster sugar

125ml water

5g agar agar

250g cherry puree

1) Heat sugar, sugar and agar to boil. Keep at rolling boil for 2 mins.

2) Remove from stove and add cherry puree.

3) Chill till set. Puree and pass.

To finish

3 chocolate garnishes – 1 large ring 

1 medium disc

1 small disc

Cherry blossom flowers

Poached cherries

Milk chocolate mousse

Cherry gel

Chocolate crumb 

Strawberry, white chocolate & mascarpone cream, shortbread crumb

With Irish Strawberry season started, and the beautiful weather we’re having. why not go with a simple strawberry dessert. but simple doesnt have to mean boring. with this dish its all about flavour. but there’s no harm, in making it stunning to look at also.

White chocolate and mascarpone cream

 500g white chocolate

150g egg yolks

150g caster sugar

50ml water

250g whipped cream

100g mascarpone

1) To start whip cream. store in fridge.

2) Add sugar and water to pan. heat to 121 degreees

3) while the sugar is boiling, whip egg yolks to sabayon.

4) once syrup is at temperature drizzle over egg. mix till cool.

5) melt chocolate. drop in temperature. fold eggs into cream, chocolate, then mascarpone.

Shortbread crumb

 125g butter

110g caster sugar

360g T55 flour

1) cream butter and sugar till pale.

2) fold in flour. rest for 30 mins.

3) cut into cookies. bake at 190 degrees for 15 mins.

4) once cooled. crush.

Strawberry Gel

 125g caster sugar

125ml water

5g Agar Agar

250g strawberry puree

1) heat sugar, water and agar to a boil.

2) boil for 2 minutes to rehydrate the Agar Agar.

3) remove from stove add puree and chill.

4) once cool puree. add more strawberry puree to desired consistency. pass through sieve for smooth texture.

And thats it guys. very simple.

i started plating with shortbread crumb at base. piped the cream, layered with fresh strawberries and gel. with fresh mint from the garden.

this loosely based on a cheesecake with the addition of gelatine for a more fresher feel to it. 

Happy cooking guys

Cucumber, spelt, yogurt, celery & tulip

This dessert is very simple in its preparation but is stunning in its simplicity. the vibrante green colour of these underrated produce. spelt is also something im slowly learning to work with. its fantastic in its flavour and texture like a whole wheat flour. 

Cucumber sorbet

 1 cucumber

100ml water

100g caster sugar

1/2 lemon juiced

1) wash and dry cucumber. to start puree the cucumber skin on and pass through fine sieve. 

2) Heat sugar, water and lemon juice. bring to boil. then chill. 

3) once cooled add cucumber and add to ice-cream machine.

Yogurt “lego” panna cotta

 200g yogurt

50g milk

50g caster sugar 

1/4 vanilla pod

1 leaf of gelatine

1) heat milk and sugar. till sugar dissolved. and vanilla. then remove from stove and add soaked gelatine.

2) leave to cool to body temperature and add yogurt. then set in moulds.

Cucumber “lego” jelly

 200g cucumber water

10g caster sugar

2 leaves gelatine

1 tsp lemon juice

1) soak gealtine in water.

2) heat 50g cucumber juice, sugar and lemon juice.

3) add gealtine dissolve then add rest of cucumber juice. set in moulds.

Spelt cake

 170g unsalted butter

100g caster sugar

3 eggs

120g The little mill spelt flour

30g plain flour

1 tsp vanilla extract

pinch sea salt

1) cream butter and sugar. till light and fluffy. 

2) add eggs one by one. then add rest of ingredients

3) bake at 170 degrees for 25 to 30 mins.
To Finish

 pick celery leaves and wash. peel celery cut and wash. pick Bumblebee farm tulips. Quenelle cucumber sorbet. 



70 % Dark chocolate Marquise, manuka honeycomb, coffee mousse, pistachio ice-cream

This is a dish that is available at the moment at the Castlemartyr Resort Bell tower menu and is very popular if i do say so myself.

 I use a part of the dish i developed at home with the Manuka honey. The rest of the parsnip dish is a little to experimental for the Bell tower. but elements can always be used. 

Biscuit base:


  • 280g unsalted butter
  • 375g t55 flour
  • 100g  ground almonds
  • 150g icing sugar


  • Mix all together.
  • Shape into biscuits and bake 175’c for 12 mins.
  • Blitz, weight 400g biscuits to 200g melted butter and set.

Chocolate Marquise:


  • 280g 70% callebaut chocolate
  • 215g unsalted butter
  • 70ml water
  • 130g caster sugar
  • 175g egg yolks
  • 40g cocoa powder
  • 560g whipped cream


  • Melt butter, add chocolate and cocoa powder.
  • Whip egg yolks to sabayon.
  • Heat water and sugar to 121’c and pour over yolks, whip till cool.
  • Add chocolate and butter.
  • Fold in whipped cream and set in the biscuit mould.

Coffee mousse:


  • 125g milk chocolate
  • 2 shots espresso
  • 1 tblsp coffee essence
  • 250ml whipped cream
  • 75g egg yolks
  • 75g caster sugar
  • 50ml water


  • Melt chocolate to 32’c.
  • Whip egg yolks to sabayon.
  • Heat sugar and water to 121’c pour over eggs whip till cool.
  • Fold in cream, chocolate and coffee in that order.

Manuka Honeycomb:


  • 75g manuka honey
  • 300g caster sugar
  • 50g glucose
  • 50ml water
  • 13g bicarb soda


  • Heat everything to 160’c.
  • Add bicarb soda, whip in to foam.
  • Pour into lined tray.

Pistachio ice cream:


  • 250g milk
  • 65g caster sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 45g egg yolks
  • 75g cream
  • 75g pistachio paste


  • Heat milk and pour over yolks, cook to 65’c slowly.
  • Add cream and paste.
  • Freeze over night add to the paco jet next day.



Parsnip parkin cake, manuka honeycomb, sourdough ice-cream


On my days off at home im always looking for different flavour profiles to work with and this one hit all the right notes. 

I usually start my ideas from walking outside with my little girl. See whats growing in the beautiful walks and woods around East Cork. Then stop off in my favourite local Village Greengrocer see whats on sale in season and have a chat.  

The parsnip are grow locally. sourdough is made with my own hands. The manuka honey from Mileeven. 

  This dish is one of the more ususal dishes ive created. but once you taste you’ll wonder how you’ve lived this long without it.
Parsnip parkin cake

100g parsnips grated

2 tbsp grated fresh galanga (thai ginger)

100g golden syrup

100g unsalted butter

100g soft muscovado sugar

1 tsp ground nutmeg

1 tsp ground mixed spice

100g self raising flour

75g Oats

1 egg beaten

1) Heat syrup, butter, treacle & sugar. till dissolved. not to hot. add spices, flour, oats & egg. mix to smooth.

2) bake @160 for 12 – 14 mins

Sourdough ice-cream

 250ml cream

3 egg yolks

40g muscovado sugar

40g caster sugar

200ml milk

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

pinch salt

70g sourdough bread ( blitz in blender)

1) heat milk, cream, salt and vanilla.

2) whisk sugars and egg yolks till light and fluffy.

3) pour over 1/3 milk mix. add all back to the pan.

4) cook to 75 degrees. add sourdough bread and leave sit. blend till smooth. chill. add to ice-cream machine.

Toffee parsnip puree

 125g parsnip ( chopped small)

200ml milk

100g caster sugar

3 tblsp water

100ml cream

1) add parsnips to pot. cover with milk and bring to boil. turn down and cook till tender. drain.

2) add sugar and water to pan, colour to a deep golden brown. Add cream. careful of spit from sugar. stir till caramel has dissolved. add parsnips. 

3) bring back to boil. reduce by 1/3. puree and pass.

Manuka honeycomb

 50g manuka honey 

25g golden syrup

140g glucose

400g sugar

5 tblsp water 

13g bread soda

1) add everthing to a pot except bread soda. whisk till dissolved. once boiling dont stir.

2) while waiting have a tray lined with parchment.

3) bring to just below 160 degrees. add the bread soda now whisk till combined. the caramel will expand three fold. so once expanding pour into tray and leave rest. to test if done. bang tray off table. if it shatters its done

to finish

 the plating on this dish is very simple.

warm parsnip parkin cake. add a generous piping of toffee. scoop ice-cream and scatter honeycomb. And dig in. 


Irish Rhubarb, Bumblebee farm borage flowers, burnt white chocolate ice-cream

This is a recipe i developed recently. Im having a great time creating with the wonderful Irish Rhubarb this season, whether from our garden in the Castlemartyr Resort or from our fantastic local Grengrocer run by a local family in Castlemartyr. The borage flowers add another level to the dish which are locally Grow in West Cork by a passionate about all things flowers producer Bumblebee farm in Timoleague. 


250g T55 flour 

1 tsp Sea salt

250g unsalted butter @ room temp

150ml cold water

1) To start mix salt and flour

2) add chunks of butter. rub in lossely. you wants bits of butter.

3) make a well and add water. knead to firm dough. chill for 20 mins

4) remove from fridge. knead to rectangle. roll one direction to 3 times width.

5) fold top third down to centre, then bottom third up over it. give dough a quarter turn. and repeat. chill for half hour or untill needed.


300ml cream

300ml milk

1 vanilla bean

6 egg yolks

175g caster sugar

300g good quality white chocolate

1) add milk and cream to pot

2) half and scrap vanilla bean into the milk.

3) bring to the boil. 

4) whisk yolks and sugar, till dissolved. add third of milk mix and whisk. add mix back to pot. And cook out to 75 celcius.

5) being careful with this part. add chocolate to microwave for 1 min and 30 sec. check. add another 30 sec. once starts to burn. remove and mix. till it ressembles a caramel. 

6) Add to anglaise and blitz. leave to rest and cool. Add to ice-cream machine.


4-5 sticks of rhubarb

1/2 orange

50g caster sugar

1) wash rhubarb. cut in half lengthways.

2) add to tray lined with baking paper. squeeze orange over and scatter sugar.

3) bake @ 170 degrees for 10-15 mins or till tender.

4) cool and cut to size.


i baked the puff pastry cut into a ring. dusted the tray with icing sugar, and weight it down with another tray to flatten. bake @170 for 25 mins.

i brushed this with pastry cream and orange puree. and arrange the rhubarb. brushed it with its own juices and baked till crisp.

i arranged on the plate, the “tarte fine” . dots of orange puree and segments. homemade granola for extra texture. 

then added the beautiful borage flower for extra depth and flavour.

quenelled the ice-cream and done.

For the pastry cream,granola and orange puree dont worry they’ll follow in my next recipes. so keep following. 

Thanks for reading.